font-awesome with Divi blurbs

use font-awesome with Blurbs in Divi / ET

1 copy the following into the Custom CSS of ePanel

.et_pb_blurb.xx-my-icon .et-pb-icon:after  {
content: “\f09b”;
font-family: FontAwesome;
position: absolute;
display: block;
background: white;
margin: 0 auto;
top: -7px;

pretty obvious I hope but replace”xx-my-icon” with a variable class ID

and replace content: “\f09b”; with the proper Unicode and replace “&#x” with “\f”

Add the ClassID to the Custom ClassID field in blurb editor.



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EWF and cloning

I ran into a few problems when trying to clone a system with EWF.

after A LOT of google-ing I found the following solution;

bcdedit /set {default} device partition=c:


bcdedit /set {default} osdevice partition=c:


bcdedit /set {bootmgr}


device partition=c:

rundll32 ewfcfg.dll,EwfSysprepSpecialize


after running the commands above it all works again.

oddly cloning to an image then restoring did not work, although direct HD to HD cloning works fine. I guess I’m keeping a HDD handy JUST for this Sad smile

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Upgrading Network to Gigabit

So I’m finally upgrading Office A’s network to Gigabit. Now there’s a way to check the speed of the actual gigabit upgrade. “IPERF”

first need to install IPERF into the “server” for QNAP the Optware IPKG needs to be installed. so install that.



ipkg install iperf

server side :

iperf –s


client side:

iperf –c <SE.R.V.ER>


and you have your throughput… tweaking the network to go faster is another story.

If you’re up to fiddling with settings, try using jumbo frames at 9K. Worked really well in one of my offices I manage, but EVERY machine had Jumbo Frames on @ 9K MTU. I don’t know how it would conflict with say, a network device ( think printer ) still running a 10/100 or a gigabit card with Jumbo frames off.

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Delete EFI Partition

So again with the OSX, Hackintosh thing. I wanted to use a HDD, that I used in a hackintosh, for a Windows Vista build. 

Unfortunately Disk Manager in Windows 7 cannot delete the EFI System Partition.

Fortunately Windows 7 has a tool called “Diskpart”. To use this you’ll need a cmd in “administrator mode”, to do that, hit start, type CMD then CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. you should see the command prompt below :


now do the following:


now list the disks;

list disk

select the disk by typing;

select disk 7

( replace 7 with actual disk # )


I am not liable for any data loss, or brain damage.

you ready? ok, type the following;


aaaand.. you’re done…


if you see smoke, don’t come to me. otherwise you should now be able to re-use the drive in windows.

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View HFS+ Partition on Windows

I’ve been playing with OSX on PC Hardware aka “Hackintosh” for quite a while now, and one thing I’ve come across quite a few times is trying to get the data off a HFS partition via windows.

so enter HFSExplorer


This is a simple and FREE app to get you going, but only provides READ access. (Which is all I want anyway)

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DropBox and Google Adwords

DropBox and Google Adwords

Does it really work? Does it still work?
Yes, as of this writing, it is working.. not as fast as I’d hope it would, but it is…
I’m getting updates on referral statuses every now and then.
Things to take note
  • use free adwords credits floating around.
  • you cannot use the word “Dropbox” so I just used Drop Box
  • add as many key words as possible
Good luck!
* the picture is from a cardboard box i found from Japan. looks just like the dropbox logo. it said to recycle cardboard. haha
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Managing my pictures

This is notes for myself. so I can come back to in case I forget.

a) make 2 folders on NAS, sorted & unsorted

– sorted folder is the folder with all the photos sorted by YYYY/YYYY_MM_DD (Capture date)

b) move all photos on to unsorted folder

c) use the automator script you created ( EXIF.Capture.Date.To.Folder ) to auto sort by above format

d) once in the “sorted” format move to sorted folder

* automator script does not show progress, and sorts within the same folder


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SLR to m43

SLR to m43

Years ago I got into photography with a spontaneous purchase.

A few months after I returned from living in Japan for a the majority of my twenties, I needed to furnish the 3rd floor of my parent’s place where my wife and I were staying until we purchase our own place.

We started off shopping for TV/DVD/Speakers/Vacuum at BestBuy, and asking for this and that free, asking for discounts on other random things, I randomly saw an “Open Box” for a Canon EOS XTi SLR for $450, I said to the sales guy, throw that in and we’re set ( as a joke ). The guy probably cashed in on the commission, so he said, “sure”, to my surprise.

From there my SLR life begins…

Altogether, I went through 3 camera bodies, and 9 lenses.

My final kit before my conversion;

Canon 7D, Tokina 16-50/2.8, The uber compact 70-300 DO IS and a couple primes the 50/1.4 and 28/1.8

Total weight : 2746
My Bag, the Lowe Pro Slingshot 100AW, and it was PACKED.

Kit Weight: 1426g
So I was carrying around just over 1.5KG of camera as a kit…

A little after my son was born, I had a wisdom tooth removed, and after that to kill time, I made my way to Yodobashi Camera Umeda. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a HUGE! electronics store, think an average BestBuy x 1000 ( ok maybe 5 ). This place has a floor dedicated to Camera gear. Anyway, it could have been the affect of the drugs, but I saw the OM-D E-M5 and immediately wanted it. The size, the weight (<550g),  the speed and the look… everything about it! I went home after to spend some time with the baby, and taking pictures, at some point I found myself holding the baby and a heavy camera/lens… and boom. I was sure I needed to do make the switch. Next day, I went to a BicCamera ( another super electronics store ) because of their point/reward system was slightly better than yodobashi and bought the EM5 kit. The next day I used the points (the points can be used from the next day) to purchase a second battery and the panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens.


Fast forward 1.5 years, the EM-1 was available for Pre-Order, I knew I wanted it. They fix a all issues that I had with the EM5 after using it 1.5 years (needs a grip, more customization, better AF Tracking to name a few) and the biggest one was the wifi capability built in . I made the decision to pre-order in Japan as 1) I’d be there on release date, 2) they were offering 3 years warranty over the standard 1 year.

With the EM1 I have absolutely no complaints, and my photos look better than ever, and easy to upload to Facebook ( I use the facebook camera app on the iphone instead, so I’m not spammed from everyone’s micro updates ), Instagram, Twitter and Flickr .

Here is simple excel of the weight comparison before, after and now

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